Name change Bill to be debated in Parliament

  • 15/10/2015
Name change Bill to be debated in Parliament

Parliament is going to debate a Bill drafted to prevent people convicted of a child sex offence from changing their name.

National MP Jian Yang's member's Bill was one of four drawn from the ballot today.

They will all go on Parliament's order paper for a first reading.

Also up for debate will be Labour MP David Cunliffe's Bill to repeal changes to the Education Act, which removed the requirement for democratic elections and student representatives on university councils.

Another Labour Bill drawn from the ballot was leader Andrew Little's Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill, which would ensure that every rental home meets minimum standards of heating and insulation.

The fourth Bill drawn also came from Labour - David Shearer's Electricity Transparency Bill.

It would require every electricity bill sent to domestic consumers to include a list itemising and attaching a percentage to the components comprising the bill.

Members' Bills need Government support, or support from the Government's support parties, to get past their first reading.