Video: Alternative NZ flags fly high

(Simon Wong / 3 News)
(Simon Wong / 3 News)

Wellington's infamous wind was welcomed today, providing the perfect backdrop for the five alternative flag designs to fly in their full glory.

The designs were hoisted up flagpoles on the Wellington City Council building in Civic Square this afternoon as part of the run-up to the first referendum.

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says seeing the flags flying high gives people a different perspective in making their decision.

"To see the flags in action gives you quite a different view of them than just seeing them in a tiny little rectangle on a piece of paper."

Voting in the postal ballot will be open from November 20 to December 11, and people will be asked which of the five flags they prefer if the current ensign was to change.

The second vote will be held in March next year where the most-popular alternative flag will be in a run-off with the current flag.

The five flags will remain in place until the end of the first referendum.

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