Andrew Little to decide on TPPA stance

Andrew Little to decide on TPPA stance

Labour leader Andrew Little has a major problem on his hands ahead of his party's annual conference this weekend. 

The full 6000 page TPPA text has been released, and amidst bitter division about whether to support it, Mr Little says he's now made his decision.  

It's a major call for Labour's frontman. Does Mr Little support a multi-billion dollar trade deal or back labour party activists who oppose it? 

The TPPA involves 12 countries and 40 percent of the world's economy.  It will eventually be worth $2.7 billion dollars to our economy each year. 

Labour is bitterly divided about whether to support this deal, so it released five bottom lines - and said today it clearly breaches one of them - the ability to ban foreign buyers in Auckland.  

But Mr Little can't bring himself to say that he's actually opposed to it.  

The problem is that party activists hate the TPPA, but Labour usually supports free trade deals. In fact former leader Helen Clark says New Zealand can't afford to miss out.

Long time TPPA opponent Jane Kelsey says she doesn't like what she read. 

"There's no surprises, but a lot of concerns. Most of the issues we've raised over the last five years have not been effectively resolved. "

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