Andrew Little's big caucus reshuffle

Labour Little Andrew Little (Simon Wong/ 3 News)
Labour Little Andrew Little (Simon Wong/ 3 News)

Labour Leader Andrew Little has gone through its biggest reshuffle since he took the top spot.

This morning he announced his new line-up for Labour's shadow Cabinet, calling it a "blueprint" and will be the basis for his Cabinet post-2017 election.

"It's been an opportunity to bring through some of the newer, fresher talent, as quickly as I can, but leavened by some experience and seniority," says Mr Little.

Among the changes:

Mr Little says Mr Davis "shone the spotlight on Serco scandals and the treatment of detainees in Australia" as corrections spokesman.

He also acknowledges Ms Woods' "important work she is leading in Canterbury and on climate change".

Meanwhile David Cunliffe and Phil Goff have moved near the bottom and out of shadow Cabinet, following Mr Goff's recent announcement of his bid to become Auckland Mayor.

"Today's reshuffle is a strong mix of new talent and experience and builds a solid team to win in 2017," says Mr Little.

Annette King was named the permanent deputy leader of the party in October following a year in the role.


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