Conservatives elect new board

  • 09/11/2015
Founder of the Conservative Party Colin Craig (File)
Founder of the Conservative Party Colin Craig (File)

The Conservative Party could be on the road to recovery.

It elected a new board at the weekend, the first positive move since the party collapsed earlier this year following the controversial resignation of leader Colin Craig.

The brief annual general meeting held on Saturday wasn't without drama, however.

Mr Craig's erstwhile colleague and now bitter foe John Stringer tried to get in but was turned away.

Police were called and defused the situation.

Mr Stringer says he and his wife were evicted.

"Mrs Stringer was shoved from the room by Craig's staff."

He has previously claimed the meeting was organised by Mr Craig's supporters and employees.

The meeting elected a board and an interim chairman, Leighton Baker.

"The new board was democratically elected," Mr Baker said after the meeting.

"Colin Craig stepped down from the leadership on June 19 and is not involved in the new board."

Under the party's constitution, the board elects the leader.

It hasn't reached that point yet, but Mr Stringer believes Mr Craig will be asked to again lead the party.

Mr Stringer and his Christchurch-based supporters want an extraordinary meeting to be held later this year or early next year.

He and Mr Crag are suing each other for defamation.