Female MPs speak of sexual assaults

  • 12/11/2015
Green MP Mojo Mathers (Simon Wong/File)
Green MP Mojo Mathers (Simon Wong/File)

Female MPs who walked out of Parliament in protest against John Key's refusal to apologise for saying "you back rapists" have spoken about being victims of sexual violence, some of them for the first time.

Speaking in Parliament, to reporters on Story, they said:

Mr Key shouted the comment across the floor during a heated question time earlier in the week.

It was directed at the opposition benches, not at any single MP.

Of the 585 in the deportation pipeline, 34 have been convicted of child sex offences, 22 for murder and 16 for rape and sexual offences.

Mr Key said in Parliament that he stood by his comment and wasn't going to apologise.