Govt backing review of urban planning

  • 01/11/2015
Bill English
Bill English

The Government has asked the Productivity Commission to look at urban planning.

Finance Minister Bill English says planning processes are expensive and long-winded in New Zealand.

"We've asked the Productivity Commission to do some blue skies thinking.

"That is to say to them, look, putting aside the current framework, the RMA, the Local Government Act, the Transport Act ... how would you do it if you were going to review the whole thing," Mr English told TVNZ's Q&A program today.

"I think everyone - local government planners, developers, certainly politicians, are getting to the end of their tether around further minor adjustments to the planning rules."

It was time for a wider review, he said.

The commission is an independent Crown entity that provides advice to government on improving productivity.

It reviews topics referred to it by the government and has previously reported on using land for housing and housing affordability.