House hunting easier for MPs

  • 05/11/2015
MP Marama Davidson & daughter Teina (File)
MP Marama Davidson & daughter Teina (File)

It's a lot easier to find a house when you're an MP, the Green Party's new member has told Parliament.

Marama Davidson used her maiden speech to explain how difficult life had been when her family was priced out of its Auckland rental property at the beginning of this year.

"We sought a cheaper house to rent, I looked at 30-odd and applied for 20-something," she said.

"For some properties there were more than 30 applicants - I didn't get called back for any of them."

Ms Davidson said the family finally got a call back and love their home, but then she had to start looking for accommodation in Wellington.

"Fast forward nine months - I'm now an MP and the reception I've had couldn't be more different.

"I've gone from being at the back of the house hunting line to being right at the front."

And the point she's making: "You know what - you shouldn't have to become an MP to get a house to live in."