Key heads to APEC in Manila

  • 17/11/2015
Prime Minister John Key (File)
Prime Minister John Key (File)

By Sarah Robson

In the aftermath of the deadly terror attacks in Paris, it won't just be trade and economic issues that will be front and centre for leaders attending the annual APEC summit.

Prime Minister John Key, US President Barack Obama, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Chinese President Xi Jinping will be among those in Manila for the high-level talks over the next few days.

Mr Key expects the recent deal reached on the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement to be a focal point of discussions.

"I think there will be interest from other countries who will now be looking at the blueprint of the document, understanding what the benchmark is for potentially joining, and weighing up themselves whether they want to join," he told reporters ahead of the summit.

The leaders of the 12 TPPA countries will meet tomorrow on the sidelines of the APEC meeting.

There's also hope further work can be done around progressing a much talked about free trade agreement covering the 21 APEC countries.

The slowdown in China and the news Japan has dipped back into recession are also likely to be on the agenda as leaders consider the major issues that'll be impacting economies throughout the Asia-Pacific region in the coming years.

Despite APEC's economic focus, Mr Key says it's inevitable attentions will turn to the threat of terrorism in light of what's happened in the French capital.

"There'll be more of a discussion about the threat of terrorism, the impact of Islamic State and what impact that might actually have on the global economy," he said.

Mr Key doesn't have a formal meeting scheduled with Mr Obama, but he said he will have plenty of time to have a chat with the US president.

Mr Key will also catch up with Mr Turnbull to discuss issues around the detention and deportation of New Zealanders who've had their visas cancelled.