Key on Paris attacks: These people know no boundaries

Prime Minister John Key (File)
Prime Minister John Key (File)

Prime Minister John Key has said New Zealand will not be deploying more troops in Iraq as a response to the Paris attacks.

A total of 129 people were killed and 352 wounded, of whom 99 were said to be in a critical condition following eight separate terrorist attacks across Paris on Friday night (local time).

Mr Key says he hasn't considered any changes to the country's involvement in Iraq, and is not reducing or increasing troop numbers.

He says official travel advice is for New Zealanders to avoid the French capital if possible.

"Official advice is to consider the situation carefully, and we would urge people to be cautious, but I imagine the French authorities very quickly will want to restore Paris to normality."

He says New Zealand will offer moral support to France at this stage, and joins world leaders with a strong stance against the actions of Islamic State.

"These are people who fundamentally know no boundaries to what they do, actively and directly targeting civilians, and I think they're doing that to undermine confidence, and so that's the worrying thing about what they do."

The Prime Minister remains confident New Zealand will remain vigilant with a fresh wave of refugees that are expected to arrive in the country in January.

"The refugees we take are heavily vetted through the UNHCR programme and we have the authority to reject someone if we genuinely don't believe that they are a refugee, even if they have been approved with a refugee status by the United Nations," he says.

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