Lewd photos case 'thoroughly' investigated

  • 13/11/2015
Michael Woodhouse, Police Minister (Simon Wong/File)
Michael Woodhouse, Police Minister (Simon Wong/File)

The police investigation into secondary school boys sharing online photos of lewd acts with drunken girls was carried out "thoroughly and sensitively", Parliament has been told.

Reports at the weekend said the boys were let off with a warning, and the case is being compared with the 2013 Roast Busters scandal.

The Secondary School Principals' Association said police should take a harder line.

In Parliament, NZ First's Tracey Martin questioned Police Minister Michael Woodhouse about it.

"Has he inquired whether the law on intimate covert filming was considered in the recent case of young men taking photos of unconscious young girls where they dangled their penises over the girls' faces?," she asked.

Mr Woodhouse said he made inquiries about the incident.

"On the advice I have received, not all the facts were present in the media reporting," he said.

"I'm satisfied on the information I have been given that the investigation was conducted thoroughly and sensitively, that the decision not to lay formal charges was made after legal advice, and that the young woman involved in the incident is satisfied with the outcome and the police's support."

Outside Parliament, reporters asked Mr Woodhouse to explain the facts that weren't in the media.

"I'd rather not do that, it may reveal aspects of the case that aren't in the public domain," he said.

"It was on reasonably sketchy information that quite breathless reports were undertaken."