New scheme to recycle soft plastic

New scheme to recycle soft plastic

For the first time, Kiwis will be able to recycle soft plastic.

Environment Minister Nick Smith announced the nationwide programme in Auckland today, while wearing a pair of fetching heels made from recycled plastic.

Embarrassing dad moves aside, Mr Smith says his goofy gesture had a more serious meaning.

"The message I want to give is, it is possible to create some pretty cool products out of soft plastics."

The new initiative will allow the recycling of shopping bags, toilet paper wrappers and chip packets, in order to decrease our impact on the environment.

The Plastics Forum hopes up to 12 tonnes of plastic will be recycled each month, instead of ending up at the dump.

One New Zealand company is already creating dog parks and building bridges out of the recycled material, and a cycleway in Hawke's Bay is using the equivalent of 4.2 million plastic bags.

And then there are those shoes Mr Smith wore - they go to show the humble plastic bag has enormous potential.

Seventy of the special bins revealed today will be placed at shops and supermarkets around the country over the next three years.

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