Number of government bureaucrats falling

  • 25/11/2015
State Services Minister Paula Bennett (Simon Wong)
State Services Minister Paula Bennett (Simon Wong)

The number of backroom bureaucrats is at its lowest since a cap was set in 2012.

State Services Minister Paula Bennett says there were 35,632 full time staff at the end of June, 474 fewer than in December.

"This latest result is 843 under the cap set by the Government in 2012, and the lowest since it was introduced," she said today.

"The Government has made it a focus to cut unnecessary bureaucracy and waste and target expenditure where it will deliver measurable results."

The Treasury seems to be an exception.

Labour's Grant Robertson said yesterday it had breached its own staff cap by 64 full-time positions and was paying nearly 50 people more than $180,000.

Quoting figures from its annual report, he said it now has nearly 250 staff earning over $100,000.