Obama a big fan of Key

  • 20/11/2015
Malcolm Turnbull (L) and Barack Obama (ABC News)
Malcolm Turnbull (L) and Barack Obama (ABC News)

It turns out US President Barack Obama is a pretty big fan of John Key.

Microphones at the APEC summit in Manila have caught a quiet conversation between Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Obama.

A video, posted online by ABC News, shows Mr Obama leaning in to Mr Turnbull to ask him about the others leaders he's got lined up for meetings.

Mr Turnbull says he's meeting Mr Key, at which point Mr Obama quips: "So, er, you actually talk to the New Zealanders?"

The Australian prime minister replies saying his Kiwi counterpart is a "real role model".

The pair go on to sing Mr Key's praises.

"Nah, he's a wonderful guy," Mr Obama said.

"He and I have become good friends, and not just because we play golf together."

Even though he hadn't yet seen the video, Mr Key seemed pretty chuffed about it when he was speaking to reporters.

"It's very nice of them," he said.

Mr Key went on to say he might catch Mr Obama for a round of golf in Hawaii at Christmas.