Wheelie bin killer was a 'Con Air' passenger – report

(3 News)
(3 News)

A man who killed his girlfriend then dumped her body in a wheelie bin was reportedly deported back to New Zealand aboard the flight dubbed "Con Air", and the woman's mother says Kiwis should be scared for their safety.

Richard Coburn was convicted of the manslaughter of Justine Jones after her body was found in a Sunshine Coast rubbish dump in 2010.

He was paroled earlier this year after serving five years of his 10-year sentence.

Justine's mother, Kathleen Jones, told 3 News she's incredibly upset about it.

"I'm very angry I feel sorry for everyone... you don't want him there in your country," she says. "You poor people."

Ms Jones says she did not believe Coburn should be set free.

"This man should not be anywhere he should still be in jail as far as I'm concerned.

"He's a nasty creature"

Prime Minister John Key couldn't confirm whether Coburn was on the flight of 12 detainees flown into Auckland from the Christmas Island detention centre yesterday morning, as he didn't have individual details at hand.

"Whether they are part of the 12 or not, inevitably at some point they will be, because as we know there are people in that category in amongst the 585 that could be deported in the next wee while."

Mr Key says the urgent legislation passed to deal with returning offenders was the best protection for New Zealanders.

"We're comfortable we have the best protections that we practically can."

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