Winston Peters gives journalist a dressing-down

Winston Peters
Winston Peters

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters gave a radio journalist a good dressing-down today.

When RadioLIVE reporter Lloyd Burr turned up late to a press conference and asked Mr Peters a question that had already been asked, the seasoned politician was in no mood to repeat himself.

"You get here late, you're going to miss out," Mr Peters said, refusing to answer Mr Burr's question on how he would be voting on legislation concerning New Zealand criminals being deported from Australia.

"You want to have a press conference with us, turn up on time like we're expected to, front up. Don't turn up and expect to have questions repeated. Otherwise you could all do that and we'd have 10 answers to the same question, wouldn't we?

"Next time, you be over here like a conscientious journalist like you should be, and we'll all get on just fine."

Watch the video for the full incident.