Nathan Guy hopes for cruelty prosecutions

  • 01/12/2015
Nathan Guy hopes for cruelty prosecutions

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy hopes the farm workers who kicked, beat and killed bobby calves will be prosecuted.

He says the farms where the cruelty was filmed have been visited and his department's inquiry is continuing.

"Hopefully, they can bring these individuals through the court system," he told reporters today.

"This isn't widespread, in my opinion ... I know that people care about animals and so do farmers."

Shocking footage of the calves being thrown, kicked, beaten and filmed dead in cages was screened over the weekend, prompting widespread condemnation.

The animal welfare organisation SAFE released it after earlier handing it over to the ministry.

"MPI stepped up the investigation on September 14, as soon as they got the footage, and visited the farms in October," Mr Guy said.

He doesn't think it will have a big impact on New Zealand's exports.

"We are considered to have the strongest animal welfare standards in the world," he said.

"We strengthened our laws earlier this year."