Protesters storm National Party Christmas bash

Protesters storm National Party Christmas bash

Auckland Action Against Poverty set its sights on National's Christmas party today, taking aim at the Government's management of the country's poor.

Protestors tried to storm the venue in west Auckland, determined to put a stop to holiday celebrations.

It looked as though the National Party's Christmas bash was over before it even began. It wasn't Christmas carollers on National's doorstep today, but protestors with a clear message, singing: "party's over, time for change".

The protesters came in force – a large group of them turned up in vans before trying to storm the venue, with a number of them then chaining themselves to the front gate.

They didn't give up, honing in on what they say are the Government's failings around welfare and the housing crisis, leaving party-goers and MPs locked out.

"It's not fair that they're in there drinking champagne and eating food when there are people suffering," says spokeswoman and former Greens MP Sue Bradford.

Demonstrators were adamant it was a peaceful protest, but with just one way in and out a source told 3 News Prime Minister John Key decided at the last minute not to attend.

Meanwhile, protesters chanted "John Key's a millionaire, he just doesn't care."

No arrests were made.

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