Protesters to target National Party Christmas event

  • 06/12/2015
(Wilhelmina Shrimpton/3 News)
(Wilhelmina Shrimpton/3 News)

A National Party Christmas party has been targeted by protesters.

The Auckland Action Against Poverty group has picketed outside the National Party event in Te Atatu this afternoon, with protesters chaining themselves to the front gate.

"While National Party MPs and their friends celebrate inside, we'll be outside reminding them of the damage caused by their welfare reforms and inaction on housing," says spokeswoman Sue Bradford, a former Greens MP.

Around 40 protesters turned up this afternoon, with a large group trying to storm the venue. Police managed to push the gate shut.

Protesters are adamant it's a peaceful protest, chanting "party's over, time to change" and "John Key's a millionaire, that's why he doesn't care."

Members of the group stormed a National Party fundraising event in Auckland in February and police removed several people from the building.

Ms Bradford is a veteran protester.

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