Video: Protesters litter House with anti-TPP notes

Video: Protesters litter House with anti-TPP notes

The parliamentary debating chamber was showered in red paper this afternoon in an apparent Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) protest.

During question time in the House, Environment Minister Nick Smith was answering a question from fellow National MP Stuart Smith about freshwater quality when a bag of red paper reading "No TPPA" was thrown over the National side of the chamber.

The act was met by some surprise by MPs, with some taking photos and others waving to those in the public gallery above the House.

Activist group Real Choice has taken responsibility for the act and four people are reportedly being questioned by security staff in relation to the incident.

The group's spokesman Rowan Brook said they received more than 12,000 votes in a "people's referendum" following the agreement to the TPP; 97 percent of which were against the deal's ratification.

"We felt it was important to let our politicians know just how out of touch they are with most Kiwis on this issue." 

The act was criticised by Labour MPs, with Iain Lees-Galloway tweeting: "Chucking things on MPs' heads will only result in more restrictions on who gets into the gallery. Not clever and not going to persuade anyone."

Dr Smith continued to finish his answer following the brief interruption.

Today is the last sitting day of Parliament for the year.

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