Key to announce Auckland rail link funding

Prime Minister John Key (Simon Wong)
Prime Minister John Key (Simon Wong)

Prime Minister John Key will lay out his political priorities tomorrow, with his State of the Nation speech expected to focus on Auckland's transport infrastructure.

Mr Key is expected to bring forward plans to fund the contentious City Rail Link.

The project puts in new stops at Aotea Square and Karangahape Rd, creating a loop that joins up Auckland's rail network.

Mr Key is about to help out, by bringing forward taxpayer funding.

The rail link will cost $2.5 billion, shared by Auckland Council and the Government.

The Government funding was due to start in 2020, with the link finished in 2024. But the Government is set to bring the start forward two years to 2018, meaning it could be finished earlier.

And funding pipelines for other Auckland transport, like a tunnel across the harbour, are set to be part of Mr Key's speech - a speech focused on the state of Auckland's traffic.

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