Video: Governor-General's New Year's message

Video: Governor-General's New Year's message

The Governor-General says the focus for his last year in the job will be on science and how it can benefit the environment as well as people like him who needed complex heart surgery.

In his annual New Year's Day address, Lt Gen Sir Jerry Mateparae says the benefits of scientific inquiry and human ingenuity are far-reaching, with many innovations being made in New Zealand.

"For myself, this includes a recent stay in hospital where I had a complex medical procedure which would not have been available in my parents' time."

Sir Jerry underwent surgery in late November to replace a heart valve which was picked up during a routine health check.

With major environmental issues facing the world such as climate change, Sir Jerry says he will use his high profile to promote New Zealand's contribution across the country and overseas.

"I will be very happy to do my bit to communicate how science and scientists and innovation and innovators have had, do have, and can have a positive influence on New Zealand and New Zealanders, and on our global village.

"We all need to raise awareness of science, engineering and technology," he says.

Sir Jerry also believes it is important young people see science as a "fascinating and hugely relevant" career path.

"More than ever before, we need people with those qualities, and we need to recognise, value and support them in their work."

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