ACT Party president to resign

  • 27/02/2016
ACT Party president to resign

The president of the ACT Party has announced he is set to stand down.

John Thompson told the party's annual conference at the Orakei Basin today he will resign as president and a member of the ACT Party board within the next 12 months.

"It has been an honour and still is an honour to serve you but I do think that the time is coming for a new president and someone with new ideas to take up the role," he told attendees.

It was a part of the conference's opening address where the free-market political party launched its "School of Practical Politics" to upskill prospective candidates for the 2017 election.

"Our investment in people I am sure will give the voters in 2017 the confidence that a vote for ACT will not be wasted," Mr Thompson said.

"We have many more talented individuals that can provide a solid ACT platform of brilliance in the 2017 elected Parliament."

The "school" makes up one part of the ACT Party's five-pronged strategy, which also includes employing a full-time party manager, increasing fundraising efforts and upping research into wider voter intentions.

"We need this year to do plenty of quality research to ensure that we know our prospective audience and then tailor the message for maximum exposure to that audience.

"This also requires a fundraising push."

The party hopes to raise at least another $100,000 in contributions.

Mr Thompson said the party had made great strides in winning back people "who have strayed away from us" and encouraged delegates not to be disheartened by its lack of movement in the polls.