Act Party: Time to sell off Landcorp

Act leader David Seymour (Simon Wong)
Act leader David Seymour (Simon Wong)

The Act Party wants to sell off Landcorp and invest the proceeds into conservation sanctuaries. 

Act leader David Seymour says it is time to switch from owning something that damages the environment to something that preserves it. 

"The Government does not need to be owning farms," he says.

The Government through Landcorp currently owns 140 farms across the country, worth $1.8 billion. 

Mr Seymour thinks he can get wide support for his policy, noting that the Government has hailed its partial privatisations as a success so it could easily be applied to Landcorp. 

And he thinks an unlikely ally could be hidden in Parliament. 

"The Greens have criticised Landcorp in the past for its river pollution and deforestation activities, so this could be one asset sale they get behind," he says.

Mr Seymour says the proceeds of the sale should be administered by an independent Sanctuary Trust, then groups wanting to establish sanctuaries would apply to the trust for funding.