All National MPs join Waitangi boycott

(Newshub. / File)
(Newshub. / File)

There'll be no National party members at Te Tii Marae today.

Newshub has confirmed all are expected to boycott celebrations after the Prime Minister yesterday pulled the pin on his visit.

National Party senior whip Tim MacIndoe says while some will be out at other events at Waitangi, the marae is off limits.

"I'm not expecting any Nat (sic) MPs to be at Te Tii," he said

However he did say that some may attend official celebrations at the upper marae on the Treaty signing ground tomorrow, which is completely at odds with what the Prime Minister said was protocol.

John Key decided yesterday that he wouldn't attend Waitangi today as he was banned from speaking about politics on the marae.

"I'm not going there with a gagging order, and I'm not going there if I can't speak on the marae."

He added that he'd also abandon the official commemorations tomorrow as he couldn't attend if he hadn't received a powhiri onto the marae.

"It's all completely Mickey Mouse if you ask me, but the Mickey Mouse-ness of it is sitting on their side."

National MPs known to be in the area include Steven Joyce, Hekia Parata, Nathan Guy and Jo Goodhew.