Alternative design factor in flag change opposition

Alternative design factor in flag change opposition

The latest Newshub/Reid Research poll is bad news for Prime Minister John Key, with 61 percent of people saying no, they don't want to change the New Zealand flag. Only 30 percent want a change.

Even Mr Key's own National voters want to stick with the current flag. As for Labour, 73 percent of them don't want a change.

The Green voters aren't fans of the Union Jack or the Queen, but 60 percent of them want to keep the current flag. New Zealand First supporters, no surprise, also want to keep the flag.

The alternative flag is now proudly pinned on the gate of a Parnell property - Mr Key's place.

He's giving the flag a plug any way he can, and it needs it, because the opposition to change is strong.

The Newshub poll shows that Kiwis do have an issue with the new design. In fact, 16 percent say they want to change the flag but will vote for the current flag because they don't like the alternative design. Mr Key really could have done with those 16 percent going his way.

Another frustration is with the lack of a plain silver fern on black. Thirty-six percent wanted that on the shortlist, which is quite a block of support, while 60 percent didn't want the fern. Four percent didn't know.

The alternative does have its supporters, but some people are against a new flag simply because it's Mr Key's pet project.

But the numbers are still closing. In September, 69 percent said no, don't change the flag. By November it was down to 65 percent, and now it is 61 percent.

But Mr Key's chances of a new flag are also closing off.