Calls for David Bain report leak to be investigated

  • 19/02/2016
David Bain (AAP file)
David Bain (AAP file)

Doubts are being cast on whether the David Bain compensation report was leaked to a newspaper.

Opposition parties want an inquiry to find out who gave it to the New Zealand Herald, but Cabinet minister Paula Bennett says there's no evidence that happened.

She says she's talked to Justice Minister Amy Adams about whether it was leaked.

"I'm not sure they do have the report," Ms Bennett told the Paul Henry programme this morning.

"They may have heard something, had a whiff of something - I think we have to be really careful about saying the report has been leaked because we haven't seen evidence of that yet."

Ms Adams, who has had the report since January 26, was also uncertain when she spoke to reporters on Thursday.

"There's all sorts of speculation, some of which is quite inaccurate... it raises questions about what the media has, or thinks it has," she said.

Yesterday, the Herald reported the review of the case by former Australian High Court judge Ian Callinan found Mr Bain was not "innocent beyond reasonable doubt" and therefore fell short of the compensation threshold.

The Greens and Labour want a high-level inquiry into the leak.

"It's a serious breach of the integrity of the government process, that's why we need an inquiry," said Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.

Ms Adams says she hasn't yet started considering the report.

When she has, she'll take her opinion to cabinet which will decide whether Mr Bain should be compensated for the 13 years he spent in jail.

Mr Bain and his team also have the report.

His chief supporter, Joe Karam, is said he was "stunned" by the leak.

Mr Bain was jailed the 1994 murders of five of his family members before his original convictions were quashed by the Privy Council in 2007 and he was acquitted of all five counts of murder at his retrial in 2009.

Mr Callinan's report comes after two other reviews into the compensation claim - which cost the taxpayer about $600,000 -- caused controversy.

One report that found that Mr Bain was probably innocent and should be compensated was subsequently deemed "fundamentally flawed" by a peer review.

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