Collins outs Davis' prison source

Judith Collins (Simon Wong / Newshub.)
Judith Collins (Simon Wong / Newshub.)

Corrections Minister Judith Collins has exposed one of New Zealand's worst criminals, Arthur William Taylor, as one of the prison sources Labour MP Kelvin Davis has been using to attack the Government.

"It happens in every prison [...] If only the member could visit someone other than Arthur Taylor, who isn't indulging in that kind of behaviour," Ms Collins said in Parliament today.

And Mr Davis admits he has been to see Taylor.

Taylor has 152 convictions and is currently in maximum security at Paremoremo Prison.

He first went to jail back in 1972, has spent more than 35 years in prison and has escaped multiple times.

Ms Collins has questioned why Mr Davis would visit "such a notorious person", but Mr Davis has defended himself as he visits a number of prisoners.

Mr Davis has put a number of hits on the Government since the 'Fight Club' scandal broke thanks to his prison sources and he's standing by Taylor.

The Corrections Minister says obtaining Taylor's visiting list was all above board.

"It's well-known within Corrections that Mr Davis is one of [Taylor]'s visitors," Ms Collins says.

The debate was all about how Fight Clubs were first investigated seven years ago in Mt Eden -- and this is how Ms Collins defended that.

"Strangely enough, violent men fight each other from time to time."

Outing an Opposition member's source and fighting back on Fight Club as provocatively as possible -- Crusher Collins really is back.