In brief: teachers support Labour's policy

Labour Party leader Andrew Little (Simon Wong, file)
Labour Party leader Andrew Little (Simon Wong, file)

Teachers are coming out in support of Labour's free tertiary education policy.

Party leader Andrew Little announced the policy in state of the nation speech yesterday.

He says it would deliver three years of free university courses or other training with no age limit.

It would be phased in from 2019 with full implementation in 2025, when it's estimated to cost $1.2 billion a year.

Mr Little says it's vital to provide people with the means to keep up with changing work patterns as technology advances.

"I think we can afford this, and if we don't a whole lot of people are going to be pushed out of work," he said on the Paul Henry show this morning.

The primary teachers union NZEI says it would help ensure people from all backgrounds achieve their potential.