Last chance to enrol for NZ flag referendum

  • 29/02/2016
Last chance to enrol for NZ flag referendum

The final chance to enrol before the second flag referendum is fast approaching as Prime Minister John Key finalising his pitch for change.

New Zealanders will have until Wednesday to enrol with the Electoral Commission to take part in the final flag referendum before voting papers get sent out on Thursday.

"If you're not yet enrolled to vote, this is your absolute last chance to get enrolled in time to take part," chief electoral officer Robert Peden said.

The final days before the referendum began with Mr Key saying if the alternative flag is rejected or people choose not to vote because of a personal dislike for him, they would regret it.

"If they don't vote for change now, they'll never get another chance until we become a republic," he told Radio NZ.

"They'll wake up in a few months' time and they'll realise what a terrible mistake they made, because it's not going to make a blind bit of difference to me."

The referendum runs from March 3-24.