Opinion: Kingi Taurua shouldn't block Key over TPP

Kingi Taurua (file)
Kingi Taurua (file)

Northland Maori will today discuss banning Prime Minister John Key from Te Tii Marae for the day before Waitangi Day.

Te Tii Marae is the traditional hot spot at this time of year and the marae chief Kingi Taurua wants Key blocked over his government's position on the TPP.

It's mad, stupid and short-sighted, and I hope other iwi present tell him so too.

If iwi have an issue it's best they welcome Key onto the marae and have it out with him verbally. Banning him does nothing. It means they'll be talking among themselves. Key wins. And the public I suspect will back him too.

If Taurua loses and Key is allowed on, then he says he'll get the protestors to physically block the PM.

This bloke Taurua is helping no one, least of all his own people. Even veteran leader Titewhai Harawira thinks he’s overstepped the mark.

It's crucial Key and the iwi have a decent chat, but banning Key is a hopeless and thoughtless way to improve race relations and dialogue.

Get him in the gate, sit him down and talk. That's what grown-ups do. Taurua and his mates now have to prove they're more than just hotheads. Are they up to it? Today will reveal all.