Opinion: Ngāpuhi nuts to block PM

Kingi Taurua (Kim Choe/Newshub)
Kingi Taurua (Kim Choe/Newshub)

Ngāpuhi are nuts to block the prime minister from official ceremonies at Te Tii Marae, in Waitangi, on Friday.

It's short-sighted and immature. The vote was 30-15 in favour of blocking the PM. Now another group of Māori, the Marae trustees, want to override that decision.

The prime minister now wins this debate hands-down.

What does Ngāpuhi achieve by blocking the PM? The total sum of nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Key should go and celebrate the day with the rest of the country and turn his back on these people, for good. He should never return. This is their loss. It’s pathetic.

They are simply hot-heads, who will now sit in a small circle and talk to themselves. Very few people will listen and fewer people will care.

They have lost a golden opportunity. Now, no doubt, despite blocking him, they will still chase the PM down the road to make a fuss about him even coming north at all.

One word: idiots.

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