Patrick Gower's week in politics

Patrick Gower (Paul Henry)
Patrick Gower (Paul Henry)

Newshub political editor Patrick Gower joined Paul Henry to discuss the week’s political events.


Northland iwi leaders met yesterday to decide whether to welcome John Key on to the Te Tii marae. Ngapuhi is split as to whether he will be allowed on to the marae at all and if he is, he will not be allowed to speak.

The Prime Minister says if that's the case, he won't go.

Ngaphui elder Kingi Taurua has threatened to physically stop Key from going on to the marae.

Mr Gower says that if key does not back down and heads to Waitangi he is showing strength in his leadership.


The TPP will be signed in Auckland tomorrow. Phil Goff has been given permission to cross the floor to vote with the government, and Shearer has been censured for speaking out in support of it. Protests have been held all week and are expected to continue.

Mr Gower says Labour has an internal divide over the TPP and the side opposed to it have won the fight.

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