Public submissions open on TPP

  • 12/02/2016

The parliamentary committee that's examining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is inviting public submissions.

The 6000-page text of the controversial 12-nation free trade agreement is in the hands of the cross-party foreign affairs, defence and trade select committee.

It's open for written submissions and if organisations or individuals want to appear in person they can ask to be heard.

The closing date for submissions is March 11.

The committee started examining the TPP this week and the Government's chief negotiator, David Walker, was the first to appear.

He told MPs the agreement would benefit New Zealand by lowering trade barriers and boosting the economy over time.

Mr Walker defended the investor state dispute settlement provisions -- the most contentious part of the TPP -- saying there were safeguards to ensure the government could legislate in the national interest.

Submissions can be sent online or in writing.