The Government treated us "like children" - Kingi Taurua

Kingi Taurua (Paul Henry)
Kingi Taurua (Paul Henry)

The Prime Minister has pulled out of his visit to Waitangi this year.

It comes after infighting among Ngapuhi elders over whether the Prime Minister should be able to attend and speak freely at the marae.

Mr Taurua told Paul Henry the Government treated the iwi “like children” over the consultation of the TPP deal.

A letter was sent to Mr Key last night from Te Tii Marae trustees which said he would be allowed to speak in the whare, but his speech must not be political.

Mr Key called those rules a "gagging order" and said he wouldn't attend on Saturday unless the rules were revoked.

It is the first time since 2007 that Mr Key has not attended Waitangi celebrations - he first attended as leader of the Opposition and each year during his prime ministership.

Watch the video for the full interview with Mr Taurua.