Vic Crone wants to cap council staff costs

Victoria Crone (Paul Henry)
Victoria Crone (Paul Henry)

The race for the Auckland Mayoralty kicked off last night with a meet the candidates debate.

It was the first political debate for businesswomen Victoria Crone who announced she was standing just before Christmas.

Ms Crone joined Paul Henry to discuss her run at the top job in Auckland.

She says the event was a chance for voters to get to know her and for candidates to talk about what they consider to be the big issues facing the city.

To her the big issues are: how the city is funded, waste, transport and housing.

“I’m going to cap council staff costs. I think we need to open the books. We need to cap staff numbers, 11,500 people is enough to run the city.”

She says light rail is not the right thing to solve Auckland’s traffic woes.

“I think it’s a piecemeal approach. We need a plan to tackle the whole transport system.”

Watch the video to see the full interview.