Winston Peters: Phase out 1080

  • 24/02/2016
NZ First leader Winston Peters (Simon Wong)
NZ First leader Winston Peters (Simon Wong)

New Zealand should develop and use a clean, green replacement for 1080 poison, NZ First leader Winston Peters says.

He made the call in a speech yesterday to Agcarm, a national organisation representing plant and animal science industries.

"Instead of being an importer of 1080 we want New Zealand to become a global leader in the manufacture of clean, green agricultural compounds and veterinary medicines," Mr Peters said.

"We should research, develop and deploy a replacement for 1080 and phase out its use within New Zealand."

Mr Peters says ground control measures, such as hunting, can be just as effective against possums as aerial drops of 1080 with the added benefit of boosting the fur industry.

In 2011 the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright, released her report on 1080 and concluded more of it should be used to save native bird populations.