World media react to sex toy TPP protest

The now-infamous moment (Newshub)
The now-infamous moment (Newshub)

Steven Joyce took it on the chin at Waitangi, but now he has the rest of the world to contend with.

This unforgettable pink rubber sex toy is now making international headlines.

Pun-laden, giggle-inducing montages and articles have gone viral. The New York Post, The Daily Mail and the BBC are just a handful of international media that have jumped onto the story.

And if you thought that was bad, #dildogate has also been trending on Twitter.

But Steven Joyce is playing ball, even baiting comedian John Oliver with this tweet:

In the past, Mr Oliver has poked fun at Prime Minister John Key.

The protester who started it all is Josie Butler, a Christchucrch-based nurse. After learning she wouldn't face charges, she celebrated in a Facebook post.

Others have been celebrating in a different way -- by creating their own remixes of the infamous moment.