Full interview: John Key on the Dunedin balcony collapse and the flag

Dunedin balcony collapse (YouTube)
Dunedin balcony collapse (YouTube)

Prime minister John Key joined Paul Henry to discuss the week that was.

Flag referendum

The final flag referendum is underway and it closes up on March 24. Voters will be asked to choose between the current flag and the blue and black Kyle Lockwood designed flag.

Mr Key says the main reasons he wants the flag to be changed is because it will more accurately reflect our national identity and give us an increased sense of pride.

The latest UMR poll shows that 59 percent want to keep the current flag, 32 percent want the new flag and 9 percent are undecided.

Dunedin balcony collapse

An investigation has been launched into the Dunedin balcony collapse which injured 18 people.

More than 1500 attended the Six60 concert.

A 19-year-old student who was injured has suffered spinal injuries and her family says there are fears she may never walk again.