Judith Collins dismisses slow response claims

  • 18/03/2016
Judith Collins (AAP)
Judith Collins (AAP)

Police Minister Judith Collins denies that police only responded to a south Auckland robbery after a frustrated dairy owner called them and said he had a gun.

The incident made headlines earlier this week when Redhill Superette owner Indy Purewai posted a video on Facebook showing a group of about 10 teenagers looting his shop as staff defended themselves with hockey sticks.

Mr Purewai claimed police didn't respond until he called and told them he had a gun.

Labour's Stuart Nash questioned Ms Collins in parliament on Thursday about the incident.

"The police were already on their way to the incident before there was any mention of a gun," Ms Collins said.

"The police have advised that the people in the shop waited five minutes before calling 111 - that is, five minutes after the youths had left the scene.

"The call came in at 5.52pm. Police were despatched at 5.57pm. They arrived at 6.02pm - 10 minutes.

"I think that is an outstanding response."

Mr Nash persisted, asking Ms Collins why dairy owners "have to lie" to get police to respond.

"I think I have made it very plain," Ms Collins said.

"Police responded straight away. They were outstanding. In fact, nobody needed to lie."

On Tuesday police said four teenage girls had been arrested.