Payroll problem in Govt ministry

  • 07/03/2016
The minister in charge of MBIE Steven Joyce (File)
The minister in charge of MBIE Steven Joyce (File)

Another Government ministry has a payroll problem.

This time it's the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), as told in a statement released to Newshub.

The minister in charge of MBIE is Steven Joyce, who had to sort out the Ministry of Education's Novopay debacle.

MBIE's chief financial officer, Stewart McRobie, says most of the issues involve holiday pay and are likely to be "relatively minor at an individual employee level".

"Individual payroll issues relating to holiday pay and leave calculations have surfaced in recent years. Work to fix these individual issues has led to concerns about the possibility of underlying system issues that would need to be addressed," Mr McRobie told Newshub.

The total amount of employees involved isn't known.

"We are mindful that this situation creates uncertainty for employees and we are working to identify and resolve the issues as quickly as possible, and to implement a sustainable solution for the future," he said.

MBIE, the Government's largest ministry, was created in 2012 when several departments merged.

It changed its payroll management to a single system in 2014, and the problems apparently pre-date that change.

"The issues predate the establishment of MBIE. The current payroll system has been in place at MBIE and prior to that at the Department of Labour for at least 10 years.

"MBIE is discussing these issues with the Public Sector Association (PSA). MBIE is also in discussions with the Labour Inspectorate about how we will resolve these issues."

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