PM 'a little bit disappointed' at flag result


After all the ballots, referendums and copious amounts of money spent, Prime Minister John Key is understandably a little disappointed with tonight's result.

At a press conference at Auckland's International Airport at around 9pm, Mr Key spoke of his slight upset but remained positive.

"Obviously I'm naturally a little bit disappointed that the flag didn't change tonight. But I think there's a huge amount that New Zealand can be very proud of," Mr Key said.

He was talking about the amount of people who voted -- it was a record turnout, with 2.2 million people returning their slip back to government agencies.

"By the time the votes are counted, nearly a million New Zealanders would've voted for the new design."

It was more than he had predicted. The Electoral Commission counted 2,124,507 all up, to be exact -- one of the most successful postal referendums in the countries history.

His closing message -- for us to go out and use our flag, to be proud of it and proud of our country. Because this won't be happening again, at least on his watch, anytime soon.

"Certainly in my time as Prime Minister we won't be having another referendum."