Sexual offenders recommended 15yrs registration

  • 15/03/2016

People on a register of child sex offenders should be able to ask to be taken off it after 15 years, a parliamentary committee has recommended.

The Bill that sets up the register is going through parliament, and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley says she will consider the committee's recommendation.

The social services select committee issued its report on the Bill today.

It says the attorney-general has said that being on the register for life could breach the Bill of Rights Act, as the punishment could be disproportionate to the crime committed.

Because of that, the committee recommended a 15-year review provision.

Under the bill, child sex offenders including those deported to New Zealand have to be listed.

The aim is to reduce reoffending against child victims by providing information that the agencies can use to monitor offenders.

They will have to provide a range of information including any aliases, home and work addresses, email addresses, car registration and passport details.

They must report any change in that information within 72 hours.

The register won't be open to the public, but where there's a "significant threat" to a child information may be released to a parent, guardian, teacher or caregiver.

NZ First says the public should have access to it.

"To ensure our children's safety, New Zealanders should know who in their neighbourhoods have been convicted of child sex offences and where they live," said social development spokesman Darroch Ball.

"It is essential that the public are able to be the eyes and ears for the police."