Some Kiwis still on the fence about flag

The proposed new flag, supported by Prime Minister John Key (AAP)
The proposed new flag, supported by Prime Minister John Key (AAP)

We're just a couple of hours away from what could be a significant moment in New Zealand's history.

At 8:30pm we'll know whether voters in the referendum have chosen the current flag, or the alternative.

And no one will be following that result more closely than Prime Minister John Key, who has lobbied for a change.

Today there was a loud cry from right down the bottom of the South Island in one last ditch attempt to save the current flag.

Among the people Newshub spoke to today, several wanted to keep the existing flag.

"I think the new one sucks, it's that simple really," a member of public said.

"I don't care about the new flag. I want the old flag, and I want the money [they spent on the referendum] to be spent on health," said another.

But in just over two hours the flag that has represented the nation since 1902 could be ditched in favour of this Kyle Lockwood designed flag -- which also has its fans.

"It's something different, y'know. It's a change, it's good," a member of public said.

"It gives us a little bit more identity as a country," said another.

And despite it being the last day to cast a vote, some were still sitting on the fence.

"I haven't actually decided yet, but when I get in there, I think I know," a member of public said.

"My voting forms are sitting on the kitchen bench at home," said another.

The last Newshub/Reid Research polls have showed 61 percent wanted to keep the current flag and just 30 percent wanted to change.

Not great news for the Prime Minister, but he remains optimistic about change.

"There has been over the last few weeks quite a few people saying to me they picked up the pen with the ballot paper in front of the with the intention of voting for the current flag and they ticked the box for the new one," says Mr Key.

If he gets his wish, the flag makers are at the ready.

"Parliament is wanting to have their large flag flying very, very quickly if there is a change and we'll be manufacturing that within days," says Flagmakers managing director David Moginie.

And while the Prime Minister has been proudly wearing his colours on his lapel, the pin's hours could be numbered -- though he doesn't know how he'll replace it.

"I haven't got an existing one but I have the silver fern which I wear all the time, just because everyone knows it, but I'm not opposed to wearing the existing one," says Mr Key.

For those who are yet to cast their vote, there is still time. Voting officially closes at 7pm; if you can find an open post shop to take it into.