TPP representatives walk away with NZ goodie bag

Prime Minister John Key applauds during the ceremonial signing of the TPP in Auckland (AAP)
Prime Minister John Key applauds during the ceremonial signing of the TPP in Auckland (AAP)

When 11 trade ministers arrived in New Zealand to ceremonially sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), they left not only having nabbed one of the biggest trade deals in history, but also with a gift bag.

The ink has well and truly dried on multi-billion dollar agreement, though each country still needs to individually ratify in their respective Parliaments within two years.

While it was a hard slog to get to this point, those representing the 11 other Pacific Rim countries came away with a lot more than just memories of their fleeting visit to New Zealand.

Information given to Newshub shows each received New Zealand wine and chocolate and a wooden carving of a Maori fish hook in a frame to hang anywhere they so desire.

Once pen went to paper on February 4, they were gifted an official framed photo of the historic signing and a personalised pen too.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade did not detail the exactly which brands of wine or chocolate, or even what kind of pen the representatives received.

However, a spokesperson said the cost was not extravagant.

A TPP roadshow is currently making its way around the country, with the Government going town to town, selling the deal's purported benefits to businesses and the public.

It started with a hitch in Auckland when protesters disrupted the presentation.

The Government says the deal will add $2.7 billion to the economy by 2030 -- just one percent of GDP.

It's been backed by a number of businesses, but opponents have vocal with several criticisms.

They claim the deal won't benefit New Zealand, will allow corporations to sue the Government and will affect the price of pharmaceuticals.