Turei sends out odd tweets at Wilderpeople premiere

  • 30/03/2016
(Twitter / Metiria Turei)
(Twitter / Metiria Turei)

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has posted a barrage of unusual tweets from the Hunt for the Wilderpeople premiere.

Repeatedly using the hashtags "#wilderselfie" and "#shite", the tweets began with a series accompanied with black images. In one of them she describes "hooning on low alcohol cider".

In the replies, some people responded suggesting she "go home and sober up".

Others thought Ms Turei's phone had been stolen. She told them to "use your blimmin imaginations (sic)."

Photos did follow of her in a vehicle with a friend holding what looked like a beer or cider, then blurry images of her attempting to get out of a vehicle.

When questioned, Ms Turei said it was simply a "geady combination of life and one low alchol cider (sic)", attaching an animated image of a man dancing to the message.

She said she was "fitting in" at the opening premiere of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, calling it a "Quintessential Peice of New Zealand Cinematic History in The Making (sic)".

But is drinking cider and hooning in a car an appropriate message for an MP to tweet?

Outside the premiere, Ms Turei told Newshub she was just trying to win a competition for the worst selfie.