Video: Wound-up Winston Peters wages war

Winston Peters (Newshub.)
Winston Peters (Newshub.)

Winston Peters is at it again, blaming the news media for the state of New Zealand First and for a lack of knowledge of the party's policy -- past and present.

He was asked today to respond to Labour's proposal to force banks to match interest rate adjustments to the Reserve Bank's Official Cash Rate adjustments.

His response came straight from his go-to phrasebook: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", before using another go-to phrase by claiming his party devised the idea 25 years ago.

It was enough to set off the former deputy Prime Minister on a tirade against the state of the press gallery media, how wrong it's been in its reporting and how he'll "prove us all wrong".

He then jumped into how Labour's stolen his immigration policy and the media's forgotten it.

Mr Peters finishes his diatribe by revealing he's going to start bypassing the news media to get "the truth" out in other ways.