Zero hours ban Bill passed by Parliament

  • 10/03/2016

The Bill that outlaws zero hours contracts has been passed by Parliament.

MPs voted unanimously to put the Employment Standards Legislation Bill through its third reading, its final stage, today.

The real action was on Tuesday night when a change to the Bill, drafted by Labour and supported by the Government, ended zero hours contracts.

The contracts, fiercely opposed by unions and the Labour Party, didn't guarantee any hours of work but required employees to be available for work at any time.

The Bill as it stood made several important changes to the rules around the contracts, but opposition parties didn't consider they went far enough.

Employment Relations Minister Michael Woodhouse didn't have the numbers to get it through and had to negotiate a deal.

He had to get the Bill passed because it also contains law changes that extend paid parental leave which was promised before the election and is due to come into force on April 1.