China deal could open new market for NZ chilled meat

China deal could open new market for NZ chilled meat

Prime Minister John Key is due to arrive back from his trip to China tomorrow, but it is already being hailed as a success in terms of trade.

China looks likely to allow New Zealand chilled meat into its market, opening up valuable trade opportunities.

It could be worth hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars to our economy. Experts say exporting chilled meat to China will open a whole new market.

On his last day of a week-long visit to China, Mr Key said the first shipments could be on the way within a couple of months.

That's a huge win for beef and lamb farmers.

Anders Crofoot has a beef and lamb farm in the Wairarapa. He says times have been tough lately for farmers, but this is a way for them to earn a lot more from the same product

Export New Zealand says exporting chilled meat could add around a 64 percent premium, and will be welcomed more than frozen meat.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy, who was also in China, says it's a good opportunity for meat exporters, with New Zealand and China already having strong air links.

Air New Zealand's also praising the move, saying it welcomes any increase in market access to China.