CYF's future to be revealed

  • 07/04/2016

A comprehensive overhaul of Child, Youth and Family is about to be announced.

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley will release a final review report today and reveal details of the department's transformation.

A damning interim report, released in September last year, said it was failing to provide vulnerable children with the support they needed.

"It is focused on managing immediate risk and containing short-term costs, at the expense of the prevention of re-victimisation, remediation of harm and supporting long-term outcomes," Ms Tolley said at the time.

"While there are pockets of good practice, and a committed frontline workforce, the system is not delivering effectively for vulnerable children and young people."

Ms Tolley set up the expert review panel, chaired by high-profile public servant Paula Rebstock, in April last year.

Its interim report revealed what was wrong with CYFs -- the final report will set out what needs to be done to repair it.

Since 1988 various reviews have led to 14 restructures.